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Our commitments are quantified, gradual and dated

The brand is committed to produce only products manufactured and certified  according to the COSMOS standard : 100% of production from September 1, 2022.
For more information about cosmos : https://www.cosmos-standard.org/
For ecological reasons, the use of cardboard boxes will be limited to 50% of  products by June 2023 and 100% by December 2023.
We are constantly looking for eco-responsible packaging to reduce the environmental impact
Priority use of 100% recyclable plastic cases
   - Our tubes will be 70% recyclable by December 2023
   - the remaining 30% will be done by the end of the first half of 2024.
A close collaboration with a Spanish supplier who uses a sugar cane-based material is in progress.
All our collection centers and partners must have a FAIR TRADE certificate by December 2023
100% of our production sites and our partners do not employ minors, forced or unpaid workers
A transfer to solar energy with photovoltaic panels is already being  studied for a planned start in March 2023 with a production target of 43% clean energy.
For more details, please contact us (refer to contact form)
All our paper communication media will be digitized (flyers, catalogues, etc.) and will only be exceptional from January 2023
In the same ecological concern, the samples will be provided only till December 2022.
Our products are not tested on animals as well as 83% of our ingredients. The remaining 17% will be replaced by June 2023 with other VEGAN ingredients.
Our formulations are 100% minimalist and do not contain any excess in terms of ingredients: texturizing, cover up or volume agent.
An ecological approach to waste treatment with a local partner is already in place, it will achieve its planned objectives at the end of April 2023.