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Huilarome was created in Morocco more than 20 years ago by a natural cosmetics enthusiast who wanted to bring the beauty heritage of the Andalusian, Amazigh, and Arab civilisations to the world. 
The sophistication of her grandmother's recipes was honed over these two decades and like the circle of life, Huilarome has naturally returned to its source once again: organic and only organic. 
Since COP 22, Huilarome has begun to rethink its strategy in a world where the environmental emergency is imminent and the signs of climate change are clear.  
Everywhere, organic, and natural are preached but few are changing their habits and behaviors with conviction and dedication. 
We have been doing fundamental work on ourselves, our processes, our visions, and our ingredients in the face of our world, which is being relentlessly harmed by humans: 
But we feel the winds of change. 
The COVID-19 crisis only confirmed our principles and highlighted our conclusion: “Taking care of the environment and nature is taking care of yourself. A fruit or an ingredient that is ‘ripped’ from nature using pesticides or fertilizers cannot bring comfort to humans.” 
Huilarome as a responsible brand has, therefore, chosen to move towards production that benefits the world’s ecosystems, cultivating on a human scale with exclusively certified organic ingredients and using recyclable packaging with complete transparency for all aspects of the process. 
The big change is being "CERTIFIED ORGANIC EXCLUSIVE". This means that all products, packaging, and procedures must be traced, inspected, controlled, and certified by a reference, scientific, and trustworthy company. 
Huilarome has chosen the COSMOS label, recognized in more than 71 countries around the world, as a partner to validate its organic approach in a scientific and official way. 
The goal is to produce healthy cosmetics, which heal and treat deeply — not disguising or temporarily alleviating symptoms — intended for informed, aware, and responsible consumers. 
- Organic is not only a technical charter of quality but also a way of being. 
- Taking care of yourself is not pleasing others but it is, first and foremost, respecting and preserving yourself and your sense of being. 
- Organic is the summit of beauty and well-being. The surplus is only doping, decoy, or make-up. Cover up 
- The immediate effect is only a mirage. Good results materialize over time. 
Notre priorité de toujours :  soutenir au mieux un commerce durable et équitable qui œuvre pour le développement socio economique régional surtout dans des zones de collecte des denrées agricoles (amandons, graines, pétales …) par l’indexation du prix, la prohibition de la mécanisation , et surtout la valorisation du travail de la femme rurale. 
  • Coopérative de femmes dans la région d’essaouira pour la collecte des amandons d’argan Régions
  • Coopérative de femmes dans la région de Ait baâmrane pour la collecte des fruits et des graines de figue de barbarie 
  • Collecte des produits de la rose dans la région de M’gouna par une coopérative féminine 
Huilarome: Organic is a way of being.